Teen Heroes

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Everyone needs someone to look up. Children have their "hero" whom they admire in sports, movies and TV, but their heroes are so out of reach. The Tulare Parks and Recreation Department believes our youth can have heroes right here in Tulare. Someone they can reach out to and touch. Heroes from our own neighborhoods who represent the values we want youth to emulate.

Tulare's "Teen Heroes" represent the City of Tulare for one year wearing distinctive forest green City of Tulare "Teen Hero" t-shirts while they visit youth activities and schools to pass on the important message to "Step Up to Health" living a healthy lifestyle and reaching for your dreams. Youth throughout Tulare have an opportunity to meet these students, visit and "play" with them, and take with them the inspiration of being proud of who you are.


The following students represent the local high schools, as follows for 2016-2017:

 Mission Oak HS                Tulare Union HS              Tulare Western HS 
 Daniela Cleto  Kendy Amaya Kathie Diaz
 Monica Cruz-Garces Angela Andrade Taylor Fagundes
 Jacquelyn Gonzalez Destiny Rose Canchola Ashley Logue
 Leslie Gonzalez Amanda Cardenas Jasmine Martinez
 Sandeep Kang Keilyn Castillo Adriana Pioquinto
 Madisyn Levan Maggie Ferguson Alexandria Ramirez
 Natalie Lopez Kimberly Hernandez Faith Rojas
 Esmeralda Munoz Alma Pereda Stacy Vasquez
 Lasha Nunez Evelyn Rincon
 Cecilia Saldivar Adela Romero