Mid Kaweah Sub Basin GSA Advisory Committee

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The Advisory Committee is comprised of nine voting members appointed by the Mid-Kaweah GSA Board. The Committee is comprised of up to three members representing the agricultural community, up to three members representing other government agencies that operate within the Mid-Kaweah GSA, up to three members representing environmental interests and/or disadvantaged communities, and the remainder shall be at-large members. A majority plus one of the number of members officially appointed to the Advisory Committee will constitute quorum. Meetings will be held on-call, but no fewer than three meetings a year will be held. The term for the Advisory Committee Members will be three years. Members are eligible to serve up to three terms providing they attend at least half of the meetings held during their term. If there are an odd number of meetings, for example three, they must have attended at last two of the meetings to be eligible for reappointment. If a Committee member misses three consecutive meetings, they will be replaced on the Committee.  This Committee will function accordance with the provisions of the Brown Act.


Advisory Committee Agenda 050916
Advisory Committee Minutes 050916